What are we doing???

A lot of you have been asking so I’m guessing a lot more of you have been wondering exactly what we’re doing in the programing department.  Answer time Amigos and Amigas!!!

CrossFit!  Simple as that.  We’re getting back to what makes CrossFit great for all… and all great!  Constantly Varied workouts to keep the body guessing and well rounded.  Our reason for CrossFitting is to live a healthier fitter life outside the gym, Functional Movement is key to achieving that.   Weight used for the metabolic conditioning portion will be noticeably lighter to encourage High Intensity. 

You will see some Skill Work before or after workouts.  Most of the skill work will be aimed at improving our gymnastics so you’ll see variations of moves such as kipping and handstands, also some extra core work.  All very important in life and CrossFit!  Along with the skill work will be some post workout Static Stretching.  Designed for the whole body and led by a coach this will aid you in recovery as well as flexibility.

We will still have testing days and weeks to check data, please don’t underestimate the importance of these opportunities to gain accurate information on yourself.  Recording and Tracking this data is one of the most important things you can do to ensure constant improvement.

Our Community is growing and we thank you all for being a part of it! If you have any friends or family interested in trying us out don’t hesitate to send them in at 10am on Saturday for the free intro class.  Perfect place to start!  Coming up in May we’ll have a little in house partner competition for Mothers Day on May 9th.  Shirts and Tanks will be available and a pre-order sheet will be up soon.

Lastly!  Looks like we made our way back to Regionals for a second straight year!!!  Huge accomplishment and should be a really fun time in Del Mar, CA.  We encourage any and all of you to join us May 22, 23rd and 24th.  Can never have too much support for the team.  This year in particular will be a really awesome competition because the NorCal and SoCal region have been combined into one Super Regional event.  So you’ll get to see the best athletes in California participating.  In addition, hang out in Southern Cali so why wouldn’t you come??? More details will be coming soon, stay tuned!