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About New Era

We started in 2011 right across the parking lot from our current location. At 1,500 square feet it was a perfect, although cozy beginning. After about a year it became clear that we needed more space to accommodate our growing fitness family so we moved into our current location of 4,500 square feet. Our mission is to provide our members with world class functional fitness that can be used in everyday activity and to involve them in a family like community that supports and celebrates their accomplishments and well being. While we have improved since 2011, our plan remains to grow, improve and reach people in the valley and beyond with a fun, effective lifestyle that comes equipped with a great community of peers.

Our Facility

We have 4,500 square feet of everything you could ever need for a CrossFit workout. The gym also houses a lounge area with a couch, small lockers and cubbies, a vending machine with healthy goodies, two bathrooms and an office where you can find top of the line supplements as well as custom New Era CrossFit apparel. We utilize a professional cleaning service that cleans and sanitizes our floors and bathrooms nightly.

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  • 8941 N Chestnut
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