How to Get the Most Out of CrossFit

As with most other CrossFit gyms in the world, we see a variety of people walk through our door– all shapes, sizes, ages, the list goes on. One shared quality among all of these folks is the desire to improve upon something.

Want to be a better human?

A recent article from “The box” discusses how massage can make you a better CrossFitter. And if you’re a better CrossFitter, you’re a better human! As a member of New Era you get a discounted rate on massage with Dr. Coleman. Take advantage!!!   Benefits of Sports Massages for CrossFitters Sure, foam rollers and ice …

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Memorial Day Schedule

We will have 3 classes on Monday May 30th. They are as follows: 8:30am – Murph 10am – Murph 11:30am – Murph *If you have a weight vest or body armor feel free to bring and wear it.


  SUPPLEMENTATION Can taking a supplement actually improve my performance in and out of the gym? Are supplements even safe? What are supplements anyway? Which supplements should I be taking and how much? There are so many different brands, how do I know which is best for me? If you’ve ever asked yourself any of …


Do you want to Compete?

If yes, we will have a meeting for any and all who want to compete on April 9th at 11am. I don’t want to say this is a mandatory meeting, but if you’re serious about competing, this is a mandatory meeting. Two requirements to attend: 1. Email us at to say you are coming. …

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