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 **Needs to be scheduled and is available to all.  An intro to CrossFit and an assessment of your overall fitness level.  This class will not only get you a little taste of what CrossFit feels like, it will give us a chance to see where you are and how we can get you where you want to be.


Our Programming

The premise of CrossFit is that we are preparing our bodies for the unknown and unknowable.  The very basic assumption of this, is that we are aware of how to move are bodies in a safe, controlled and efficient manner at various speeds.
Our experience shows that the most effective people at moving their bodies are elite level gymnasts.  At the core of our warm up (dynamic stretching, banded good mornings, hollow rocks to supermans) is practice of moving our bodies to positions that are effective, stable and safe for us to perform explosive, powerful movements without sacrificing stability.
Each week gymnastic movements are programmed into the met con portions or the skill session of our workouts because the practice of these movements sets the stage for everything else.  If you can’t do an air squat below parallel then it’s time to rethink trying to get stronger in any weighted squat (Back, Front or overhead).  Developing the awareness and skill of how to get your body to the correct position is a prerequisite to getting stronger without injury.

“The magic is in the movement and how it is performed.” -Greg Glassman, founder of CrossFit.
In our first year of business the focus was to deliver a broad base of workouts to encompass general physical preparedness.  As we grow, the focus of the programming will continue to be in preparing for anything but with certain opportunities for specialization. As our members evolve, so will the programming.  We have a wide range of athletes, all of whom will continue to benefit from the constantly varied daily workouts.  The coaches leading your class can be consulted with any issues and will modify accordingly.

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