~Nikki ~


Nikki Wolfe has been involved in CrossFit since 2009 and attained CrossFit Level I Trainer in 2012. She doesn’t come from the background of “sports” in a traditional sense. Her background and training is in dance, primarily ballet; she passed the Grade V examination (professional level) with the Cecchetti Council of America. And although one may not realize it, much of that training has provided a strong foundation for CrossFit. With her BA and MA in Communicative Disorders, Nikki also works full time as the Director of a video relay center, overseeing an office of sign language interpreters. When asked, “Why CrossFit?” she is known to say that it is both the hardest and the best thing she’s ever done. And, for her, the people make the difference – the events, the coaches, the athletes…the friends. It is the community of CrossFit that brings her back every day.