~Chris ~

Coach/CrossFit Regional Athlete

Chris Beery is an energetic individual with a passion for fitness. He’s been a competitor from his youth and is proficient in an array of traditional, non-traditional, extreme, and endurance sports. Having over twenty years of training experience at a traditional gym, Chris was very skeptical of CrossFit. It wasn’t until he finally tried his first CrossFit workout in a friend’s garage in December 2011 that he became instantly hooked on, “The Sport Of Fitness”. Almost immediately after his introduction to CrossFit, Chris began competing in CrossFit competitions and placed 99th overall in the 2013 Northern California CrossFit Open. Although Chris has always been committed to pushing the physical limits of his body through sports like snowboarding, cycling, and bodybuilding, CrossFit has radically changed his outlook on fitness and has helped him achieve the highest level of fitness he’s ever been in.

Chris is a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer and has a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology from Fresno State University. As a coach, Chris is dedicated to helping his member’s improve their overall level of fitness while instilling in them the proper technique of functional movement patterns. He believes that CrossFit is the ultimate training method and that everyone can benefit from it, regardless of his or her skill or ability level. The advantages of training side by side with others are paramount and CrossFit’s emphasis on camaraderie and community is a huge part of why Chris feels at home as a coach for New Era CrossFit.