Rich has been involved with competitive sports his entire life but focused on cross-country, wrestling, and track in high school. Post-graduation Rich came to Fresno State with the desire to become a Physical Therapist and now double-majors in Exercise Science, and Deaf Studies, as well as has an emphasis in Entrepreneurship. Through his network in Exercise Science he found Crossfit and with his studies has a passion for all aspects of fitness. Whether it’s human performance, business, or cultural sensitivity, he is exited about growing stronger: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. With a goal of creating and fostering more abundant and prosperous communities, he is always excited to learn and support those around him toward whatever goals they may have. On top of his formal education Rich has always strived for more; whether it be earning his Crossfit Level-1, to utilizing Youtube, Podcasts, and books, it is always a goal for him to improve to better serve those around him.