Alex found Crossfit in 2013 when she was desperately looking for a way to get fit. She started at the very bottom, never having touched a barbell before. However all it took was one wod for her to become addicted to the sport. She fell in love with progressing as an athlete and accomplishing things she never thought possible. In 2014 she moved to Fresno to attend Fresno state and wandered into New Era Crossfit. She immediately knew this was the place for her to continue her fitness journey with a welcoming and loving community.
 In 2016 Alex graduated from Fresno state with a B.S. in kinesiology exercise science and attained her CrossFit Level 1 certification. She plans to pursue further degrees in exercise science and a doctorate in physical therapy as well as more CrossFit certifications. Her favorite part about coaching is working with new athletes and helping them progress in their fitness journey. She can relate to being completely new to the sport and enjoys celebrating New Era members’ PR’s no matter how small.